Employee Benefits Benefits

Flexible plan designs for any industry!

Retirement Retirement

Group savings and retirement options

Employee Wellness Programs Wellness

Happy and healthy employees

  • Third Party Administration (TPA)

    Third Party Administration (TPA)

    Commit less time to benefits administration and more to what you do best – run your company. Let one of Canada’s leading TPAs do the rest.

    benefits administration - multi-carrier plans
    transparent monthly statements
    instant online enrolments and terminations
    no renewals - no re-enrolments

  • Succession Planning

    Succession Planning

    Today, generational transfers of leadership are more challenging than ever. Let us help you create a clear, tax efficient, actionable succession plan.

  • >Key Person & Executive Coverage

    Key Person & Executive Coverage

    Tax efficient pension plans, individual insurance programs, health & wellness plans, global coverage and executive add-ons.

  • Consulting


    Benefits Wellness Compensation

    Harnessing industry experience to stay competitive and compliant in the benefit arena can help you create well documented company policies, adhere to labour law, and support human resource strategies.

What Sets Us Apart

Managing and controlling costs, and delivering on employee expectations is the great test facing every employer today!

Our benefit line-up is exceptional - living benefits to support a healthy and productive work force, death benefits for personal peace of mind, and corporate life coverage to ensure key person replacement. Add generous amounts of flexibility to plan construction, an integrated approach to the evolving risks in healthcare and absentee management, and you have a value-based program designed to satisfy both corporate and employee requirements alike.

A good benefit plan nurtures the culture of a company, attracts the highest level of talent, and reinforces loyalty from the best employees. Keeping them healthy is a smart way to manage an investment; controlling expense loads is the only way to manage a company. Group Benefits Unlimited has been delivering end-to-end solutions to employers for over 2 decades, satisfying both sides of the employment equation with expertise, state of the art systems and unequalled service.