We are pleased to bring you a preferred program with The Medcan Clinic - a world class health care provider and the largest Preventive and Executive Health Facility in Canada. This partnership provides special pricing on Medcan’s core service, the Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA).

Medcan’s Comprehensive Health Assessment is a complete head-to-toe physical assessment which far exceeds your traditional medical:

In 2013, Medcan completed approximately 15,000 Comprehensive Health Assessments and found a new medical condition in 40% of its patients, including 164 previously undiagnosed cases of cancer in patients who were asymptomatic.

Through this partnership, Group Benefits Unlimited clients and their families are eligible to receive preferred pricing on a Comprehensive Health Assessment. Medcan also has assessments for young adults (18-25 yrs) and children (5-17 yrs).

For more information about our Executive Benefits Plans, contact us at any time; we are more than willing to help you build a custom executive plan.