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  • save up to 40% on your benefit costs

"One cup could save you tens of thousands"
"One cup could save you tens of thousands"

better plans

  • more coverage
  • more options
  • more control

better pricing

  • save up to 40%
  • reduce staff burdens
  • no hidden fees

better service

  • expert service & consultation
  • real people helping real people

Better Plans

We build better employee benefit plans

As Third Party Administrators, we develop alternatives to traditional benefit models. Our “Administrative Services Only” (ASO) platform allows employers the freedom to design, maintain and control all aspects of their plan.

Build a benefit plan to reflect the unique requirements of each segment of your employee population and compensation model.

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Better Pricing

Save up to 40% of Plan Costs Permanently!

Our systems support the Most Cost Efficient Funding Model available anywhere today; a Third Party Administered - Administration Services Only (ASO) model eliminating up to 40% of fees charged in Traditional plan models. To further support cost efficiencies, we provide a free "Risk Modeling" analytics Package detailing the most favorable mitigation programs to complete your custom-built benefits plan.

Supported by eSynergy - the most powerful online benefit management system - your program is delivered at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of your time.

Our "Shared Services" model - a sophisticated management platform - supports multiple divisions, multiple operations, not-for-profits, and associations, further magnifying cost efficiencies.

Better Service

Our Consulting Team - professional and experienced

Our benefit professionals are available and on-call to support your administration staff, management personnel, and employees. We truly believe our level of service and dedication to our clients and their employees is second to none in the industry - Real people helping real people.

We hold registrations such as CFP, CEBS, GBA, RPA, and CMS, considered the standard of excellence in the industry and covering all aspects of benefits and compensation management.

Our clients have given us the highest ratings for employer/employee communications, employee satisfaction and administration efficiency; give your employees the support they need from people they can trust.

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Coffee Cup

Welcome to Group Benefits Unlimited

An “Unlimited” commitment to client satisfaction has become our hallmark, part of our culture and part of our name.

The coffee cup: a symbol of the vanishing art of real communication. Away from high-speed, high-tech, and high-stress, the act of sharing a simple cup of coffee has become a metaphor of a time when thoughtful deliberation, rather than haste and speed, brought about real and meaningful change. We invite you to share some time over a simple cup of coffee to explore our insights about better plan designs, benefit plan costs, and better plan service and support. Where knowledge is power, and time is money, one cup could save you tens of thousands!

L.K. Dvern CFP, CEO & Founder